“Dear Dainichi Nyorai, I come to you as a sick person and request healing. I come to you as an ignorant person and request teaching. I come to you as someone who does not  know the way and ask for protection and guidance. I come to you as someone who is helpless and ask you for power in order to better serve. As compensation, I send you Reiki. Please use it as you wish for the benefit of all.”

The Big Book of Reiki Symbols
Part II – Chapter 12, Practices


Love is surrender. When we love we surrender to a greater power, something magickal generated between two souls. It is not controlled, it is not held. Love is embracing.

Not love of want, or desire, which are warm and powerful experiences when shared with others. No we speak of Love period. The unseen Love, the Light that is only realized, experienced, lived. It cannot be given, it cannot be taken, it can only be when we stop and become motionless, then, everything is illuminated.

Healing is surrender, allowing a greater force to enter our limited perspective, causing us to shift out of the mindset of illness, disease, fatigue, and pain, bringing us back into the connected place within ourselves. When we are well, we are connected. When we are ill, we are connected. It is what we are connected to that we need to investigate and in many cases correct what we are surrendering too.

When we accept healing we surrender, we are embraced, by the Life Force Energy; by the Great Sun Buddha; by the great power of Love; and we are moved. Whatever our faith in Science, or Gods, when we seek healing we find it in the surrender to greater ideals, greater forces realized by the mind, embraced by the body, felt in the core.

Our prayers reach to the greater source, within. Our intention is to extend the self we know up and open like a thousand hands, held to the sun. We are soft. Our mind and our whole being, yields and stretches towards our inner lights. Our mind searches and stops. We become like petals of a flower, leaves of the tree soaking in the life, the light, the love.  This takes us out of loneliness, out of separation, and pain… and this is where healing begins.

Intimacy. Not-Two. Oneness with a greater force, and that is The Source: Life.

This is a prayer, to all who enter this space, for the realization of your connection to all things, the Great Spirit of Life. This is a prayer of recognition. That we see beyond the illusion of separation. There is not self and illness, self and wellness, there is only self regardless of our state, and the self …we… need to remember to connect.

“Fear is faith misplaced” writes Pamela Eakins, in the Tarot of the Spirit. There is nothing to fear. When we find Faith, when we align our minds, remind ourselves daily, this is important, that we all live and die and everything in between is a testament (or trial) to our Faith in our passions, our self, and in the beauty of creation, we have left Fear and we have entered Love. This is healing.

Fear is an illusion, a belief in something to come, anxiety about the unknown, and the imagined. It aids us in survival, it has purpose, Fear. When we surrender to a state of oneness, healing, Love, our Divine Lights, when we give away our sacred pain, our tender fear, we sacrifice the shadow of the self, the separated and enter into the realm of the possible, maybe even the impossible.

Sacrificing Fear is re-aligning our Faith.

I began this posting with a Sutra to the Great Sun Buddha Dainichi Nyorai. It is of course a translation of the Sutra in English. In it we acknowledge that we do not know, that we are ill, that we truly are powerless in the light of the Greater Life Force Energy. A power that is so vast that it encompasses all things. In this surrender is the light of the teaching, that we are both great and small and in giving up our notions of power, illness, and knowledge we make our self available to that which was hidden behind those ideas. Furthermore, we give up our power and ask that it be used for greater purposes. When we do this, we are clear.

When we are clear then the greatest energy can move through us. The Great Sun Buddha Dainichi Nyorai, God, Goddess, the Higher Self. However we choose to accept the source it is in the surrender of the self that healing and magick occur. We become health, not healed.

We come to you with an offer of healing. We give up these things and make ourselves clear. No me, no you, not source outside of self, but one space which we enter and all is one. We come to you clear to heal, to offer love, to be, simply.

This is Not-Two.Com and we open our doors to the true seekers.

As days go by through our shared invocation, we welcome new art and artisans, creators, and healing beings. Our doors open and we welcome those seeking, in compassion, to help birth new lights in the hearts of all who enter. This is our sacred space.

With Love.

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