As the founders of, we recognize the depth that multitude perspectives bring to awareness, growth and healing.  We provide a highly personalized service which combines practitioners, insights and tools to best support your pursuit of your own highest well-being.


We are pleased to provide the following:

  • ~ Distance Energy Healing Sessions:  Two practitioners, one message
  • ~ Monthly group energy healing/clearing (By donation)
  • ~ Private healing sessions
  • ~ Intuitive Readings:  Two perceivers, each using preferred divining methods and tools
  • ~ Personalized Stone/Mineral “Toolkits” for healing and personal empowerment
  • ~ Hand-decorated art pieces
  • ~ Hand-crafted malas (prayer beads) and other spiritual tools
  • ~ Limited edition artwork
  • ~ Discussion groups

We are most interested in what you, our community of friends and clients, would like from this space.  What services would best, well, serve you?  Would you be willing to pay a membership fee to have more personalized contact with us? Would you be interested in paying a small fee for private discussion groups where we’d give more detail, deeper level teachings than in the public forums?

Send us your comments, requests and what you’d like to explore.  And, let’s realize Not-Two!

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