Hello and welcome to Not-Two

Greetings lovely one!

We’re excited to start this site, Not Two, and we cannot wait to tell you all about our site and services. Give us a little time to gather our spirits and bring you the foundation of our work and the purpose of our site. Then, we begin!

Not Two is a collaborative project by Nancy Stenn of Lucid Healing, and Scott K Smith of Lifencompass.org. We are applying our collective energy, experience and channels to offer healing and insight in a mutual gathering of insight and wellness. We believe that we are guided in this work and our offer to you is to offer you an experience that could bring you back to your own “divine self”, soul and your path towards fulfillment.

I am personally very excited to begin this lovely venture and I am looking forward with health, wellness and love, to working with Nancy and you, our readers, clients and new friends.

Scott K Smith

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