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A blessing, to all who enter this space, for the realization of our connection to all things. A prayer of recognition: that we see beyond the illusion of separation. heart-mind stream divine source Love interconnectedness one one space. one heart. one mind. one Love. Welcome to


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As the founders of, we recognize the depth that multitude perspectives bring to awareness, growth and healing.  We provide a highly personalized service which combines practitioners, insights and tools to best support your pursuit of your own highest well-being.   We are pleased to provide the following: ~ Distance Energy Healing Sessions:  Two practitioners, […]


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“Dear Dainichi Nyorai, I come to you as a sick person and request healing. I come to you as an ignorant person and request teaching. I come to you as someone who does not  know the way and ask for protection and guidance. I come to you as someone who is helpless and ask you […]


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It was almost a year ago that we greeted you through Not-Two. 2-9-2009. It’s time to awaken it, or let it go, and we choose awakening. 2-10-2010. Our renewal. Let’s watch our perceptions expand with our opening hearts and minds. Conversation and exploration. Healing sessions and intuitive insight. Artwork and essential oils. Tools to enhance […]

In harmony

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I add my enthusiastic welcome to Scott’s.  I feel the hum of excited anticipation as we launch this collaboration of love and learning, growth and healing. It is our intention and hope to provide an open exploration, a sharing of wisdom from our combined resources, that will benefit all who participate and promote healing and […]

Hello and welcome to Not-Two

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Greetings lovely one! We’re excited to start this site, Not Two, and we cannot wait to tell you all about our site and services. Give us a little time to gather our spirits and bring you the foundation of our work and the purpose of our site. Then, we begin! Not Two is a collaborative […]